Heated Lounger

Heated loungers for hospitality sector

The hospitality sector is now extending its outdoor service areas with a genuine eye catcher: with heated loungers from the concrete furniture designer Stayconcrete. Find out more!

The heated loungers from Stayconcrete are a further development from the concrete furniture designers of the heated benches and provide hospitality professionals with the opportunity to open their outdoor areas to guests, even in low temperatures.
The sophisticated technology in the interior of these loungers makes it possible to heat the entire reclining surface to a feel-good temperature of max. 45 °C. In this way, outside lounge and bar areas are open to service nearly all year-around.

Collaboration with internationally renowned product designer Sacha Lakic, who has already put his stamp on the heated benches, has resulted in the creation of extraordinary concrete furniture of three different designs. The loungers from stayconcrete are made completely of concrete.

Completely cast of concrete, these loungers are elegant and modern. Plus in combination with different materials such as wood or stainless steel, they are given a facelift that fits every ambience.