About us

Stayconcrete is a participation of Contern S.A., the leading producer of concrete and building materials, which can look back on 100 years of history. www.contern.com

The name “stayconcrete” already contains the core of our concept: inspiring furniture made of concrete, which has a lasting value and the ability to be used in everyday life. We achieve this through design concepts that perfectly integrate appealing shapes and optimal functionality. Furniture from stayconcrete has a unique surface structure and can be individually matched to any interior style – just the way you want it.

We process our special concrete pure or in combination with other, high-quality materials to create furniture of the highest quality. And because concrete is an extremely versatile material, it can be adapted to your needs in every detail. Even if components are manufactured in series: All stayconcrete furniture passes through our hands several times as we polish, finish and assemble it at your facility. That and the nuances of the cast material make each piece unique. Very concrete.

Our references


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