Loungers – heated loungers for outdoor service areas from stayconcrete.

Concrete is very much sought after as the material for indoor and outdoor furniture: as heatable loungers for the hospitality and food service sector they are given a completely new function – concrete is becoming cozy.

Design meets function.

The puristic design of the heated loungers from stayconcrete is characterized by its clear form language. Here, the focus is definitely on concrete, as unique material. The curved lines emphasize the versatility of the material and show how plastic and malleable concrete is; and its apparent lightness.

The ergonomically formed surface provides exceptional resting comfort, which is further enhanced by the highly polished smooth surface. The comfortable soft haptic created in this way invites you to linger. A special finish protects the low-pore surface from the effects of weathering and dirt.

Taking new paths.

The heated loungers from stayconcrete are a further development of the concrete furniture designers of the heated benches and provide hospitality professionals with the opportunity to open their outdoor areas to guests, even in lower temperatures. The sophisticated technology in the interior of the furniture makes it possible to heat the entire reclining surface to a feel-good temperature of max. 45 °C. In this way, outside lounge and bar areas are open to service nearly all year-around.
Collaboration with the well-known designer Sacha Lakic, who has already put his stamp on the heated benches, has resulted in the creation of extraordinary concrete furniture of three different designs. The loungers from stayconcrete are made completely of concrete.
Completely cast of concrete, the loungers are especially elegant and at the same time modern – and in combination with different materials, such as wood or stainless steel, they are given a very special look that perfectly fits into every ambience.

Discover your possibilities.

Concrete as design element takes center stage in outdoor service areas of HORECA hospitality professionals. But it also cuts a good figure in other areas: for example as unique street furniture.

With its heated benches , stayconcrete has already realized projects of this kind in various area. Would you like to find out more about the special loungers, the sophisticated technology inside or areas of application? Simply get in contact and we will be pleased to talk to you. By telephone you can reach us at +49 30 211 69 13; or write us an E-Mail.

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Lounger wood heated or unheated

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