Domaine Claude Bentz counter

Elegant concrete counter


The architect and photographer Jill Bentz attracted a lot of attention with her very first project. The four concrete counters that stayconcrete produced on behalf of the architect are each made from a single cast. The entire floor surfaces and the precast concrete elements of the counters are made of a light-colored terrazzo. In order to create this complex structure, we used five different stone sizes and four color piments during concrete production. All surfaces were then sanded down four millimetres. The aim was to create a slight but visible contrast between the color of the counter and the terrazzo floor.

The stayconcrete experts delivered and installed the 1400 kilogram concrete counter with millimeter precision using heavy equipment: truck and crane.

Material: high-performance concrete
Masse (L/B/H in cm): 300 x 98 x 110
Design: Jill Bentz

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