Cubeline Modular Shelf

Design classic: Modular shelf made of concrete


CUBELINE is a timeless, modular shelving system. Whether room divider or bookshelf, bench or side table, whether storage furniture for wine and files or versatile element for the presentation of goods in retail – there are no limits to the possible uses of CUBELINE.

The concrete elements can be stacked on top of each other, placed next to each other or used individually. Developed from a square, the CUBES are made from a single, seamless cast – naturally from ecologically sustainable high-performance concrete. The surface is carefully polished by hand until it has the typical velvety feel and matt shimmer.

The Cubes are available in four different sizes and in all colours. This offers you countless design possibilities. Because no matter what formation you start with in the CUBELINE – you can restack, add to or rearrange the concrete elements at any time.

Create your own CUBELINE. For concrete lovers, this modular shelf and room divider is the ideal entry-level furniture.

Material: high-performance concrete
Surface: waxed and polished concrete
Colours: On request
Dimensions: (W) 400 x (H) 400 x (L) 200 / 400 / 600 / 800 mm
Weight: 23 kg / 42 kg / 50 kg / 60 kg
Material thickness: 18-28 mm

Do you have any questions about CUBELINE? Please write to us.