Ichi – concrete bench

“The idea for ‘ICHI’ bench comes from the Zen culture and the stacked oval stones seen in Zen gardens. These oval stones find their shape in nature through elements like the wind and water and are depicting balance and harmony. Our ICHI bench, also imitates the essence of nature – it’s shape itself is smooth, sensual and seems to be sculpted by nature with a very little interference of human hands. Since this furniture is meant to be for outdoors, we used concrete which comes from nature. Concrete fits perfectly with the idea of this bench and makes ICHI look like it is a part of the nature, designed by nature.” – Sacha Lakic

What kind of surface/texture should we propose and which colour?

The ICHI should have natural colours and texture that makes it look as a real stone. In terms of colour, a range of colours from dark grey to light grey with some texture inside – a mix of shiny pieces of stone, some dark dots – like a grantie, as natural as possible. The bench should look like it is sculpted from stone.

Material: High-performance concrete
Colors: On demand
Variants: Flower pot
Design: Sacha Lakic