adesso concrete counter with knobs

Stylish counter made of concrete


adesso is one of Germany’s leading IT companies. For the Berlin branch in the district of Kreuzberg, stayconcrete produced a concrete counter with an unusual surface design – and a corresponding challenge for production. A dimpled structure was required to create dynamic light and shadow effects in the prestigious reception area.

In close consultation with adesso and the architect, we produced sample panels until the color and surface texture exactly matched the customer’s vision. We opted for a Delta dimpled sheet, which we applied to the formwork. The very smooth, pleasant dimpled surface is reminiscent of the feel of a hand flatterer.

The shape is also something special: elegantly curved, rounded, without corners, edges or seams and as delicate as possible. The design was realized using sophisticated ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC): a counter almost eight meters long with a material thickness of just 40 millimeters – in a single cast. To further accentuate the impression of floating lightness, the counter is placed on an invisible plinth.

The 1400 kilogram concrete counter was delivered and installed with millimeter precision using heavy equipment. The counter was unloaded by a construction crane, transported to its base on a trolley and set up: after just three weeks of planning and only two weeks of production time.

Material: Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)
Dimensions (L): 770 cm (material thickness 4 cm)
Design: Raumkontor Innenarchitekten (Düsseldorf)

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